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Pediatric Spine Foundation’s Registry Hits New Landmark
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The Pediatric Spine Foundation has announced that its worldwide network of scoliosis study sites has now passed the 80 mark. With close to 10,000 patients enrolled on 5 continents, the registry is by far the world’s largest study registry focused on the growing spine.

Founding PSF President, Dr. David Skaggs, commented: “This year’s merger of the Children’s Spine Foundation and the Growing Spine Foundation has exceeded expectations. The data we are gathering from sites around the world will help transform the care of the most difficult early onset spine cases for years to come.”

In order to manage such a large group, PSF has created more intimate, small scale cohorts known as Research Interest Groups. These groups are researching a variety of important topics including non-operative care, surgical techniques, growth modulation, complications, robotics, and more. Their research has resulted in 35 peer reviewed publications in 2020.