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Spine Bytes videos focus on the latest tips and techniques for spine surgery. Each edition is fast-paced, less than 10 minutes, taught by a spine surgery expert and loaded with information to use in your surgical cases.

Recent Editions of Spine Bytes
Surgical Tips: 8 Steps to Efficient Disc Preparation for Lateral Lumbar Interbody Fusion
Greg Mundis, Jr., MD Dr. Greg Mundis provides 8 practical steps for efficient disc preparation. Numerous tips are provided for each step, including: annulotomy, Cobb elevator, pituitary, box cutter, trial, end plate scraping and... Join or Log in to See All Videos.
Surgical Tips: Ways to Minimize Blood Loss in Adult Spinal Deformity Surgery
Lawrence G. Lenke, MD Dr. Larry Lenke highlights ways to minimize blood loss during spine surgery, including tips regarding: pre and intraoperative techniques, patient positioning, the importance of a potent antifibrinolytics, and the essential... Join or Log in to See All Videos.
Surgical Tips: Why Learn Endoscopic Surgery?
Michael Wang, MD Dr. Mike Wang tackles the often-debated issue of should spine surgeons consider learning endoscopic surgical techniques. Dr. Wang addresses his own initial biases, before providing a detailed look at how... Join or Log in to See All Videos.
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