MagnetOs™ NeedleGrip™ Technology: Getting a grip on non-unions

How We Move the Needle in Spinal Fusion Research

Kuros Biosciences is on a mission to ease the burden of spine-related pain by creating superior biologics for better spinal fusions.

We’re achieving it through our Project Fusion global research program. This brings together an unprecedented blend of scientific, preclinical & clinical studies—with a focus on our immune system and unlocking its previously untapped potential to form bone: otherwise known as osteoimmunology.

Watch the video above from Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Katherine Sage to learn more about the field of osteoimmunology and how to harness the power of the immune system with MagnetOs.

How Project Fusion Moves the Needle

  • >10 post-market clinical studies
  • Level I studies that compare MagnetOs head-to-head against the gold standard of autograft
  • >5 randomized controlled trials

…and one, game-changing bone graft: MagnetOs

About MagnetOs

MagnetOs grows bone even in soft tissue thanks to our unique NeedleGrip surface technology which provides traction for our body’s vitally important ‘pro-healing' immune cells (M2 macrophages).*†1,2

This in turn, unlocks previously untapped potential to stimulate stem cells - and form new bone throughout the graft.*3-5

As a result, MagnetOs is proven to be equivalent to the gold standard of autograft for spinal fusions.*3-5

Together, let's move the needle in spinal fusion rates

Click here if you want to learn more about MagnetOs and the growing body of science behind it.


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*Results from in vivo laboratory testing may not be predictive of clinical experience in humans. For important safety and intended use information please visit important safety and intended use information please visit
†MagnetOs is not cleared by FDA as an osteoinductive bone graft. †MagnetOs has been proven to generate more predictable fusions than two commercially available alternatives in an ovine model of posterolateral fusion. Manufactured by Kuros Biosciences BV,
Prof Bronkhorstlaan 10, Building 48, 3723 MB Bilthoven, The Netherlands.
MagnetOs and NeedleGrip are trademarks of Kuros Biosciences.