The Spine Hospital Launches the Total Spine Series

April 18, 2016

The SpineHospital at NewYork Presbyterian has launched a “first in its field” educational series for surgeons worldwide. While most medical education programs are one-time events, The Spine Hospital has launched a year of exceptional programs. Surgeons can benefit from year round interaction with the internationally renowned faculty, and choose from various, convenient educational formats, including:

  • Observe live spine surgeries in New York City
  • Participate in live webinars
  • Receive quarterly digital case reviews

Dr. Larry Lenke, Surgeon-in-Chief at the Spine Hospital, commented “Providing educational opportunities for spine surgeons worldwide is core to th emission of the Spine Hospital. We’re delighted to launch the Total Spine Series, as we expect more than 1,000 surgeons to participate in its programs during the first year.”

For more information go to: Total Spine Series